AI SEO Content Writer

How I Use AI SEO to Get on the First Page of Google (With Examples)

Learn more about how I used AI for SEO with success and failure. Preparation, strategic prompts, and quality over quantity were the keys to success.

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An AI creating a sarcastic parody bad marketing tips channel on YouTube - Midjourney Prompt

How I launched a YouTube Channel Using ChatGPT

Are you camera shy but have always wanted to have a YouTube channel? Here's how to start a "faceless" YouTube channel 100% using ChatGPT.

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What is the impact of ChatGPT on SEO? - Marketing Predictions | What's Huang

What is the Impact of ChatGPT on SEO? - Marketing Predictions

My top marketing predictions against the impact of ChatGPT on SEO by 2030. Discover how it will impact search and change user behavior.

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a robot writing content on a computer, moody, sci fi, high contrast colors

How I’m Using ChatGPT-4 for SEO Content Creation: A Comprehensive Guide

My experience with GPT-4 and its impact on SEO content creation, specifically for my niche website selling Apple Watch stands. I walk you through my step-by-step process, which includes training ChatGPT for SEO, using it for topic ideation and keyword research, creating blog outlines, and writing content in sections. By following these steps, you too can harness the power of ChatGPT-4 for your own SEO content creation needs.

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Midjourney prompt: group of entrepreneurs, working on a website, moody, high contrast, sci fi --v 4

How to Use Midjourney: Integrating AI Generated Images on Your Website

Unleash the power of Midjourney's AI-driven image generation for captivating website and blog visuals. Boost your brand's authenticity, ditch dull stock photos, and experience a transformative, cost-effective solution.

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Group of writers checking for spam

How to Avoid Spam Detection on Generated AI Content

AI-generated content isn't inherently bad for SEO. Ensure quality, non-spammy output by crafting good prompts, analyzing tone & style, and using AI content detection tools. Balance human-like content with AI assistance to meet Google's spam policies.

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