How to Avoid Spam Detection on Generated AI Content

Group of writers checking for spam

Is AI Generated Content Bad for SEO? The short answer is no. The long answer is, it is bad if the content is thin, bad quality, and spammy. Here is Google’s clarification of how they feel about AI generated content published on their blog. Required reading if you’re planning to leverage AI and meaningfully increasing your output while staying out of Google jail.

So, how do you make sure your AI generated content is SEO friendly? Here’s what I’ve been doing to uphold Google’s spam policies and avoiding Google’s SpamBrain system.

How to Avoid AI Content Detection?

It starts with a bullet proof prompt. Better prompts will net you higher quality and more useful content for your users. Read my guide on how to use ChatGPT for SEO content creation to net AI generated content that’s written with your tone, style, and brand.

Here are a few more tips that I incorporate in my prompt:

  1. Before prompting ChatGPT or other equivalent AI writer, I give a couple of example articles that I’ve personally written and ask the AI to analyze that content and write the new article in the same tone and style.
  2. I prompt ChatGPT and ask it to write content with more perplexity and burstiness.
  3. I copy and paste a competitor’s article that I like and ask ChatGPT to analyze it’s tone and style and write the new article with the same tone and style.
  4. ChatGPT’s favorite phrase is to say, “it’s important to…” Prompt ChatGPT to never say this.

Best AI Content Detection Tools


Originality.AI (affiliate link) is the one that I pay for and use. Why I like it:

  1. Scans all of the popular language models (GPT-2,3,4, and Bard).
  2. It can scan an entire website.
  3. Multi-user management
  4. Tag scanned content, keeps logs of your previous scans, and highlights sections of suspected AI generated content

Writer (Free)

Writer - allows you check up to 1,500 characters of your text for free.

Content at Scale (Free)

Content at Scale - allows you to check up to 25,000 characters

How I’m Using AI Content Detection Tools

Most of the AI Content Detection tools mentioned give you a percentage probability detection of AI generated content. If you get a score of “80% AI generated” after you run your content through does that mean you have a lot of work to do to ensure it’s 0%? What if the score is 30% AI generated? What do you do then?

I’ve also recently came across articles that mention the possibility of embedded watermarks on ChatGPT generated content. While all of this can ring alarm bells here’s how I’m reconciling all of this.

I go back and re-read Google’s publicly stated policies regarding AI generated content. If an article is detected as high probability it was AI generated, I will make a judgement call. Is it high quality, not spammy, and provide useful and helpful value to the world that is not offered elsewhere that exists in the world today? If it passes my quality of standards then I don’t worry about it too much.

On the other hand, if you’re paranoid that Google will change course on its policies and an impending hammer will come down to penalize any site that produces AI generated content and you want to make absolute sure it doesn’t happen to you when that happens, then by all means, optimize towards 100% human generated content.

Here are some of my thoughts on this matter:

  1. I’ve seen completely unoptimized “thin” AI generated content rank in Google. This is one I published.
  1. ChatGPT is out of pandora’s box and is here to stay. The rate of improvement will get faster and better that I think it’ll eventually kill SEO. Read my ChatGPT on SEO predictions.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the TLDR version on how to avoid AI content detection:

  1. Prep your AI writing assistant with great prompts to output great results.
  2. Use AI content detection tools to see how AI and robotic like the results were.
  3. Make an executive SEO decision whether to tweak and optimize it towards human content and away from AI content where you feel the most comfortable.