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Howard Huang At Facebook HQ

50+ Interesting Mark Zuckerberg Facts

50 interesting facts about Mark Zuckerberg, the man that founded the world's largest social media network.

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Elon Musk Interview at SpaceX

50+ Interesting Elon Musk Facts

Elon Reeve Musk is an engineer and entrepreneur. He considers himself as a business magnet (as opposed to magnate). The list of companies he has found include in 1995, in 1999 which transformed into Paypal, in 2002, Tesla in 2003, Open AI in 2015, and both The Boring Company and Neuralink in 2016.

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MrBeast AI Generated Profile Picture

50+ Interesting MrBeast Facts

MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, is one of the most prolific content creators and philanthropist on YouTube. With more than 240 million subscribers, his channel is the most subscribed individual on YouTube and the second-most subscribed overall.

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Howard Schultz

50+ Starbucks And Founder Howard Schultz Facts

50 interesting facts about America's (maybe even the world's) favorite coffee shop. Writing about this really makes me want a Grande Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew. Mmmm.

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Steve Jobs

50+ Interesting Steve Jobs Facts

Steve Jobs re-invented phones and computing, democratizing tools that allowed us accessibility to be more creative. Did you also know that he's really quirky? Like the fact he's dyslexic and he believed that his metabolism slowed him down from doing his work?

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Sam Altman

50+ Interesting Sam Altman Facts

Sam Altman is currently the CEO of OpenAI and was previously the president of Y Combinator, a technology accelerator program that invests capital in large number of companies twice a year. ChatGPT, one of many subset of products offered by OpenAI, crossed 100 Million users in 2 months, making it the number one fastest digital products of all time.

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