How I’m Using ChatGPT-4 for SEO Content Creation: A Comprehensive Guide

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The GPT-4 was released to the world on March 14, 2023. Its only been about 48 hours since its launch and I’ve seen an explosion of new products, services, and use cases for the new model. People’s mind’s are blown every time a new version of ChatGPT releases and GPT-4 is no different.

For SEO writers, this is the tool that is going to create an explosion of content, that is IF you know how to harness its powers. As a working example I’m going to show you how I’m using ChatGPT-4 for SEO content creation for my niche website selling Apple Watch Stands.

I see this as another step closer to killing SEO. If you’re interested on my thoughts for the future of this technology read about my ChatGPT SEO predictions here.

How I’m Using ChatGPT-4 for SEO Content Creation

Step 1: How to Train ChatGPT for SEO

With every start of a new chat session, I’ve found that ChatGPT can output better results if you prep it before asking it a question. It is my job as the AI prompt engineer to prep and train ChatGPT to get the best result. Treat ChatGPT like a brand new employee. In fact, it’s actually worse than training a new employee because ChatGPT doesn’t know about the job, your business, industry, prior content written, and strategy. With every new information I tell ChatGPT, I end the prompt with “Do you understand” to make sure ChatGPT has properly received it.

I start by telling ChatGPT what the job, company, and product is.

ChatGPT SEO Content Writer Role Play Prompt: You are the best SEO content writer working for a company called HEDocks which is an apple watch stand made out of aluminum with a minimalist design. Do you understand?

Then I give it more context about the business challenge, competitive landscape, and what we’ll be working on today.

ChatGPT Business Overview Training Prompt:There are hundreds of options when it comes to choosing an apple watch stand. Many of the large successful apple watch accessory makers have expandable marketing budgets that dominate paid search, social, and other advertising mediums. Since we do not have any marketing budget its important that you write an article that ranks page 1 of google to grow online brand visibility for HEDocks. Today we will be focused on creating top of funnel articles, articles that help a brand new apple watch user with overall watch tips. Do you understand?

The last bit of prepping I do is to feed ChatGPT with previously written articles I've done. I've found that if I give it roughly 4 articles between 750-1,500 words each, its enough to score high and pass AI detectors.

ChatGPT Tone and Style Prompt: I'm going to give you articles that I've written. I want you to analyze the style and tone of each article. Then when I ask you to write a new article or sections of an article, I want you to write it in my style and tone. Do you understand?

Step 2: How to Use ChatGPT for SEO Content Ideas

Topic Ideation

ChatGPT Prompt for SEO Topic Ideation: Can you list out some common topics new apple watch users talk about?

SEO Keyword Research

I liked #1 and #10 from the list, so I’m going to explore that a bit more and ask it to do some keyword research.

ChatGPT Prompt for SEO Keyword Research: For topic #1 and #10, give me a markdown table with potential SEO keywords to target along with tie keyword difficulty and keyword search volume.

At this point, the keyword phrase “Apple Watch bands and accessories” seem to be the most promising. With that said, I stopped and checked myself. I’ve been a SEO practitioner for my entire professional career. SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, and Google Keyword Planner are all reporting different keyword difficulty and search volumes. Are all the legacy SEO tools wrong or is ChatGPT wrong? I honestly don’t know and I don’t know if anyone really knows at this point in time. We’re early in the AI game. Either way, I decided that I’m going to proceed with this experiment and proceed to trust ChatGPT.

I now know that I want to write about “Tips for Personalizing the Apple Watch with different watch bands and Accessories.” Let’s conduct one more prompt to get more keywords.

ChatGPT Prompt for Keyword Expansion: Can you get me a keyword expansion list for the topic about "Tips for Personalizing the Apple Watch with different watch bands and Accessories.”

Step 4: How to Use ChatGPT for Blog Outlines

ChatGPT Prompt for Creating Blog Outlines: Write a blog outline for the topic "Tips for Personalizing the Apple Watch with different watch bands and Accessories."

Step 5: How to Use ChatGPT for SEO Content Writing

You’d be tempted to simply ask to write the whole article in one prompt, but what you’ll get is  content with no substance, thin, and too short. This is precisely the thing we’re trying to avoid. In order to do that, you can ask ChatGPT to write 1 or 2 sections at a time. By breaking it out in piece meal, you’ll get longer and more informational posts.

Bonus tip: Ask ChatGPT to return the results in “markdown formatting” so it’ll include format that you can copy and paste into whatever content management system you’re using, further saving you additional time to do it later.

ChatGPT Prompt for SEO Content Writing for Section I and II:

Write the blog section for I and II in markdown formatting.

I don’t like the roman numerals, so I’m going to tell it to remove them before continuing.

ChatGPT Prompt for Correcting SEO Content Writing Mistakes: Remove the roman numerals and "I. Introduction”

Continue the rest of the article by asking ChatGPT to write each section one at time.

After you’ve generated all sections of the article I’d like to copy and paste it into a text editor to make my final edits before throwing them into whatever Content Management System you’re using. You can see the final form of this Apple Watch article here.