How I launched a YouTube Channel Using ChatGPT

An AI creating a sarcastic parody bad marketing tips channel on YouTube - Midjourney Prompt

I feel like launching a YouTube channel in 2023 is like launching a blog in 2000. The medium has been around for a long time and everyone has a channel about practically everything under the sun. For that reason, I got to thinking, you know what? Maybe it’s finally time for me to create my own channel.

Lucky for me, AI is all the rage today! ChatGPT by OpenAI has ignited consumer’s imagination and has put a spotlight on all the great explosion of tools now being built on top of it. This explosion of new innovative tools has enabled me to launch a “faceless” YouTube Channel, perfect for the shy introverted type like myself. Sidenote: The hero image was created by Midjourney. Isn't it scary?

Fair warning: I’m not a YouTuber or great video creator (yet). In fact, my videos at the time of this writing is really stupid. With that out of the way, if you’re still curious how I’m doing it, let’s keep going!

Step-by-Step Guide to Launching a YouTube Channel Using AI

Step 1: Best AI Tools for YouTube

I get the sense that there is a new AI tool that gets created everyday. We could be at the start of the AI bubble, but I digress. I’m just going to keep it simple, here are three AI tools that I currently use.

  • ChatGPT – For generating YouTube ideas, titles, outlines, and scripts.
  • Descript – For the non-video editor. Super simple platform in making your video engaging without a steep learning curve that discourages you from starting a YouTube in the first place.
  • Canva For creating that super eye catching scroll stopping thumbnail that’ll get people to click and watch your YouTube video.
  • Microsoft azure cognitive services (optional) – If you wanted a low cost, super custom AI voice.
  • (optional) – If you wanted an AI avatar. P.S. You can even create an AI avatar version of yourself, but it’ll cost ya.

Step 2: How to Pick a Youtube Channel Niche

The first thing I did was to brainstorm what my YouTube channel was going to be about. I knew that to have the greatest probability of success, I’ll need to pick and dominate a niche. Here’s my quick and easy process on how to hone in on a niche. I think of a category, then think of a sub-category, then think of a sub-sub category.

Here’s a few examples:

  1. Pets > Pet Training > Squirrel Training
  2. Cars > Car Detailing > Mobile Car Detailing
  3. Marketing > Marketing Tips > Bad Sarcastic Marketing Tips ←This is what I picked.

Step 3: How to Generate Ideas with ChatGPT

Once you got your YouTube Channel niche down, it’s time to generate some ideas. Now, the GOAT of YouTube (MrBeast) would tell you that you first need to think of what that YouTube thumbnail is. Without a great thumbnail, it won’t catch people’s eye, and you’ll get zero views not matter what the video title is.

ChatGPT has already become my AI assistant, so let’s start there. Below is an example prompt I’d submit.

I’m starting a YouTube channel about Bad Sarcastic Marketing Tips. Generate 10 YouTube thumbnail ideas that would stop someone in their tracks from scrolling. Make the ideas inspired in the style of MrBeast. Recommend the one that would potentially garner the most views and explain why.

Below is the result from that ChatGPT prompt.

Step 4: How to Create YouTube Thumbnails with Canva

It looks like ChatGPT really likes idea number one that it wrote. So, let’s head over to Canva to create that YouTube thumbnail.

Search for “YouTube thumbnail” when you’re logged in to get to a gallery of YouTube thumbnail templates you can build off of or build your own.

After some tinkering, I settled on this design for my video. Shrug, good enough.

Step 5: How to Write a YouTube Script with ChatGPT

Alright, now we need to return back to ChatGPT to generate a YouTube script as well as a YouTube video title. Go back to the original chat history because ChatGPT can understand context and submit the following prompts

Generate ideas for YouTube Titles with ChatGPT

Generate 5 really funny bad sarcastic marketing tips YouTube video titles.

Below is the result from that ChatGPT prompt.

Now, just keep in mind, if you don’t like the results, you can simply ask ChatGPT to generate more. I liked number 1, so now I can proceed with writing the YouTube script for “The Art of Losing Money: A Guide to Terrible Marketing”

Generate YouTube script with ChatGPT

Write the YouTube script for “The Art of Losing Money: A Guide to Terrible Marketing”, but with a twist. I want you to write it in the rap style of Eminen, it has to be super sarastic, funny, and bad. Please make it as long as possible.

Step 6: Edit YouTube Videos with Descript

We’ll need to head on over to Descript in order to make the actual video. I found that I much prefer the desktop application versus the website to do my editing so I’ve done just that.

Once you have Descript open, you’ll want to start a new project and copy and paste the ChatGPT generated YouTube script in it. From here, if you’ve never created a YouTube video in your life like me, Descript makes it super easy to add AI voiceovers, stock images, gifs, and stock video.

Now you expert video creators out there, don’t crucify me for saying this but the only other video editing tool I’ve ever used was iMovie and Descript is light years ahead in terms of learning curve and easy of use for a beginner. I simply downloaded the app and the user interface was simple enough that I kind of made something without watching a single how to video.

With that said, Descript does put out great tutorial videos on how to better use the platform if you ever need it.

After everything is done, here is the result of my video.

Step 7: Publish on YouTube and Watch the Views Roll In

The last and final step of all of this is simply to publish it to YouTube. Descript has an integration so you don’t even need to export the video and re-upload it into YouTube. You can simply just publish from within the app making it pretty easy. I will have to say though, I do prefer exporting it and re-uploading it because I get greater control in setting up all of the metadata stuff.


There you have it, a step by step guide on how to launch a YouTube channel using AI. But listen, I know the video I made is bad. Like…it’s really bad. At the same time, that’s kind of the point. I just wrote this guide so I can help the person with 0% knowledge to 65%.

For those that know a thing or two about video creation, I’m really honored that you’ve read this far. I invite you to dissect my video and teach me how to be better.

Can’t wait to see what you guys make. Drop me a note if you decide to make one. See you next time!