How to Build AI SEO GPTs: 3 Examples from the GPT Store

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There is hidden problem underlying popular do it all SEO tools. They are the jack of all trades but a master of none. For this reason, instead of using another SEO tool built by someone else, why not build your own? Turns out it’s easy to build your own SEO assistive tool which has the benefit of setting your own rules and guidelines that serve your purpose.

Why build your own AI SEO GPTs?

There has been an explosion of new SEO tools powered by AI. I’ve even curated a few hundred of these generative AI SEO tools on this site. There are 3 reasons why I think it’s important to build your own SEO Assistive GPT.

Purpose built specifically for you

When you build your own GPT, you’ll get better results for your specific situation. For example, when you prompt ChatGPT, Claude, Bard or any other LLM for that matter and provide it with no prior context the result it prints will be generic, which can be problematic in a few ways.

  1. AI hallucination - a phenomenon where the AI just makes stuff up giving you inaccurate content.
  2. Risk of plagiarism - a competitor submits a similar prompt gets the same output as you, to which you unknowingly use in your own content. Here’s an article I’ve previously written about avoiding plagiarism on generative AI content.

Building your own GPT will allow you to define your own rules, inject your own dataset to avoid AI hallucination, which will create higher output result quality.

Builds Backlink(s)

You can get a backlink from which has a DR 92 rating. Albeit, it is a nofollow link, it can still be a beneficial signal for your site.

OpenAI allows GPT builders to create profiles with a verified website link.

Make money

With the announcement of OpenAI’s GPT store, OpenAI plans to allow a revenue sharing model with GPT builders.

How to build a GPT for OpenAI’s GPT Store?

To create a GPT you must have a ChatGPT Plus account to start.

1. Once logged in, click on your name in the bottom left and then click on “My GPT’s.” Alternatively you can go this GPT editor link.

2. Click on “Create a GPT” on the GPT editor page.

3. From the Create Tab follow the prompts to build your GPT. It’s as easy as simply having a conversation with it to build your GPT.

Three SEO Assistive GPT Examples

Here are three SEO Assistive GPTs that I created. Use them as inspiration to create your own GPTs.

Example 1: Blog Title Wizard

If you’re like me, creating great blog titles doesn’t come easily. There’s a lot SEO related things that I’m worried about when it comes to crafting the perfect title.

-Less than 60 characters

-Choosing the choosing the right keywords

-Taking the right keywords and utilizing them towards the beginning of the title

-Making the title with a strong call to action to drive clicks

-Unique enough to stand out from the competition from the other listings in SERPs.

-Utilizing all caps, title case, or numbers to grab attention.

Example 2: SEO Link Building Assistant

A low authority website is harder to show up in Google vs a higher authority website. Generating content with AI is easy relative to building quality backlinks. This is why I created the SEO Link Building Assistant GPT.

It’s a SEO marketing co-pilot that helps bloggers find strategic avenues to build backlinks. I’ve found that one of the hardest parts of backlink building is simply knowing where to begin. This GPT helps with that. Additionally, I think it’s possible in the future that I could connect this up to a database of high DR blog directories to help people where to submit their sites.

Example 3: Koality Convert

I created this GPT to help website owners improve their conversion rates. You can upload a screenshot of your website that you want analyzed. The GPT will review the webpage and give you suggestions and how to improve your site.

Subsequently, you can also use it as a conversion rate specialist. Chatting with it to diagnose challenges you have with your website.

Final thoughts

If you’re ever stuck thinking that current AI SEO tools are not serving your purposes, consider creating your own SEO GPT with OpenAI. No coding knowledge is needed and the process of building one that suit your needs is as easy as chatting with it like a human. You can make the GPT’s public which has the potential of helping others and making you money. Alternatively, you can keep it private for you to use yourself or for the internal needs of your company.