Howard Huang

I am a dynamic marketing and product management leader, cultivated by fast paced technology companies with 13+ years of experience. T-shaped multi-disciplinary marketing skillset with deep expertise in demand generation and inbound marketing.


2023+ I'm currently the VP of Digital Media at, where I'm leading an Omnichannel Digital Transformation for the company.

2021-2023 I joined as a Senior Digital Marketing Manager, where I lead all performance marketing and demand generation efforts. Read RumbleOn Case Study.

2019-2020 I co-founded, a new marketplace built specifically for making the process of buying and selling of used smartphones easier while reducing the world of ewaste. ▶️ Listen to my radio interview.

2018 I was the Director of Marketing at, an AI and Machine Learning Fintech startup.

2014-2016 I joined Huawei, the 3rd largest smartphone brand in the world at the time. As the Ecommerce Conversion Manager, I spearheaded the US expansion of selling consumer electronic products direct to consumer by managing the launch of their new Ecommerce platform.

2007-2014 I founded, an online music community for independent musicians and fans. At its peak it had 80,000+ registered members and served more than 500,000 unique visitors per month achieved through SEO and inbound marketing strategies.

side projects

HEDocks is the first Apple Watch Dock launched into market. There's a cool story behind it.

Sizzlepop.AI is a robot digital marketer.


I wrote and self published an ebook on Amazon called, "How to Improve Your Website - 101 Tips & Strategies"

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