50+ Interesting MrBeast Facts

MrBeast AI Generated Profile Picture

MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, is one of the most prolific content creators and philanthropist on YouTube. With more than 240 million subscribers, his channel is the most subscribed individual on YouTube and the second-most subscribed overall.

Here are 50+ Interesting MrBeast Facts

  1. MrBeast aka James Stephen “Jimmy” Donaldson was born on May 7, 1998.
  2. Elon Musk has agreed to give X (formerly twitter) to MrBeast upon his death.
  3. First video: MrBeast’s first video was uploaded at the age of 13 under the name of “MrBeast6000.”
  4. First viral video: MrBeast is known for doing difficult stunts and challenges. The first video that went viral was him counting to 100,000 which took over 40 hours. The video was later edited down to 24 hours in length.
  5. Stunts: MrBeast is known for his stunts in his videos which ranges from being buried alive, submerged underwater, no food for 30 days, being stranded at sea, and more.
  6. MrBeast Burger: MrBeast launched a virtual restaurant in December 2020. Unfortunately due to quality concerns it was shutdown in June 17, 2023.
  7. Feastables: On January 2022, MrBeast launched a new chocolate brand championing to upend Hersey’s chocolate.
  8. Feastables v2: On February 17, 2024, MrBeast announces Feastables V2 with improved ingredients.
  9. Philanthropy: All earnings from MrBeast’s channel, Beast Philanthropy, serves to be donated to charity.
  10. Investing: Jimmy is known to be an investor for a few notable projects such as Backbone, a smartphone accessory maker and Current, a fintech company.
  11. Collaborations: Donaldson is known to collaborate with Apex Legends, MSCHF, #TeamTrees fundraising challenge, and others.
  12. Merchandise: It’s estimated that MrBeast’s merchandise store earns $3-4 Million annually.
  13. Gaming Channel: MrBeast has a gaming channel, a genre that he primarily focused on early in his YouTube journey.
  14. World Records: Jimmy Donaldson holds multiple world records: 1) highest earning YouTuber 2) largest vegetarian burger 3) most subscribers for an individual male.
  15. Team: Jimmy has a team of 250 full time employees and thousands contractors. He does not give job titles to them and instead calls them friends of friends.
  16. $1 Trillion Dollars: On a podcast MrBeast was asked what he would do with $1 trillion dollars. He said he would buy everything he wanted in life and then buy half of America, starting by buying up neighborhoods.
  17. High School: Jimmy went to private high school at GreenvilleChristian Academy.
  18. Exercise Regime: MrBeast walks 12,500 steps a day, hitting the gym, and does resistance training.
  19. Lifestyle: Jimmy lives a relative modest lifestyle and is incredibly mission driven. He prioritizes being the best YouTuber over living lavishly. Reinvests all profits back into growing the channel and has also said he previously taken out loans to fund videos.
  20. Dedication: Jimmy lives at his studio and is extremely dedicated to his mission of making better videos. For his 50 hours buried alive video, he consulted with David Blane, practiced sleeping in a coffee in his garage, and buried the coffin 5 different times.
  21. Viewership: MrBeast held a $250,000 rock paper scissor contest which was the most watched live event with 662,000 concurrent viewers at the time.
  22. Multi-Lingual: MrBeast has dubbed his most popular videos in 11 languages.
  23. Video Thumbnails: MrBeast is constantly trying to improve his videos and often A/B tests his thumbnails. Tests include facial expressions, colors, font type, and more.
  24. Water: MrBeast built 100 wells in Africa.
  25. Eyes: MrBeast helped 1,000 blind people see again through a 10 minute surgery.
  26. Animal Adoption: MrBeast has helped rescued hundreds of dogs like in this video.
  27. His influences: Pewdiepie is one of his great influences and has even help promote Pewdiepie to get more subscribers when MrBeast was much less popular.
  28. Interviews: MrBeast has conducted multiple long form interviews where he speaks at length of his mission and how he became the most successful YouTuber. Here are three: 1) Joe Rogan 2) Colin and Samir and 3) Flagrant.
  29. Cryptocurrency: MrBeast has said that he holds bitcoin and has also made returns on Cryptopunks NFTs, something he got into after talking with Gary Vaynerchuk.
  30. Private Island: He gave his 100 millionth subscriber a private island.
  31. Helping Mom: On December 3, 2017, MrBeast earned enough to help pay off his mom’s mortgage.
  32. Litigation: A gourmet peanut business, Dee’s Nuts, filed a lawsuit against MrBeast for naming one of his chocolate candy DEEZ NUTS on the grounds that it sounded too familiar. MrBeast lost the lawsuit.
  33. YouTube Tips: Jimmy’s number one tip for anyone starting out is to make 100 videos.
  34. Team Trees: MrBeast launched #TeamTrees campaign, a fundraiser that raised over $20 million dollars to plant 20 million trees.
  35. Team Seas: MrBeast launched #TeamSeas campaign, a fundraiser that raised over $33 million dollars to clean up the oceans.
  36. Awards: Jimmy has won a plethora of creator awards such as winning the Creator of the Year four years in a row at the Stream Awards.
  37. Illness: Jimmy was diagnosed with Chron’s disease in high school and raises awareness of symptoms through his videos.
  38. Drop out: Jimmy attended East Carolina University for a short time before dropping out to focus solely on YouTube. His mom did not approve of this.
  39. Friends: As Jimmy’s popularity grew he hired four of his childhood friends - Kris, Chandler, Garrett, and Jake. Jake later left and replaced by Karl.
  40. Highest Paid: It has been reported that MrBeast earned over $700 million in 2023 and is forecasted to be the first content creator billionaire in 2024.
  41. Expansion: Majority of all content earnings is reinvested back into creating bigger and better videos. The average cost in producing one video is reported to be more than $1 million dollars. He invests $5-10,000 on video thumbnails alone.
  42. Finger on the App: MrBeast released a mobile app challenge where the last person to take their finger off the app wins $25,000. In the end, there were 4 winners each winning $20,000 and held their fingers on the app for 70 hours.
  43. Finger on the App 2: Following the success of the first one, MrBeast released Finger on the App 2 which had a grand prize of $100,000. The winner kept their finger on the app for 51 hours.
  44. Religion: Jimmy was an evangelical Christian and now identifies as an agnostic.
  45. First Sponsorship: MrBeast’s first brand sponsorship was with Quid which offered him $5K. MrBeast asked to double it to $10K and he later walked across the street to give all of it to a homeless man.
  46. First Camera: With a channel of over 100,000 subscribers, he recorded on a $30 web cam and then later upgraded to an old iPhone.
  47. Most Expensive Video: Jimmy is said to have spent over $4 Million dollars to recreate a real life Squid Game challenge including a $456,000 prize for the winner.
  48. MrBeast Origin: In regards to where the name MrBeast came from. “When you create an account on Xbox, they have this thing where it just gives you a random gamer tag. And I was just like ‘MrBeast’, this sounds cool!” - Jimmy Donaldson
  49. Hardest Challenge: In an interview with MKBHD, Jimmy has said that his hardest challenge was burying himself alive for 50 hours. He has since did the challenge again and buried himself for 7 days.
  50. Death: If Jimmy dies, a challenge to be carried out with three of his friends to win the keys to his channel by placing their hands on his tombstone. The last one to take their hands off gets the YouTube channel.
  51. Failure: MrBeast considers a video a failure if it does not get 50 million views.
  52. Seinfeld: He has no clue who Jerry Seinfeld is.
  53. Movies: He grew up on YouTube and believes that instead of watching 1 movie for 2 1/2 hours you could watch 20 YouTube videos and learn much more. Despite saying this, he wants to make his own movie.