The Ultimate List of AI Writing Generators for Marketers

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What content can AI writing tools create?

AI writing generators can produce initial drafts for:

  • Blog posts
  • Social media posts and captions
  • Website content - product descriptions, FAQs, etc.
  • Email newsletters and marketing emails
  • Ads and ad copy
  • Landing pages and website pages
  • Press releases
  • Whitepapers and ebooks

What are the benefits for marketers?

  • Speed - AI tools draft content far faster than humans
  • Scale - They can produce high volumes of content at scale
  • Cost - AI writing is more affordable than human writers
  • Consistency - The language style remains consistent across content
  • Customization - Generators can mimic your brand voice

What are some limitations to be aware of?

  • Lacks originality - AI may rehash existing content found online
  • Can't replace strategy - AI won't determine messaging or positioning
  • May need polishing - Humans still required for final edits
  • Limited research - AI has difficulty conducting research beyond training data

Best practices for using AI writing tools:

  • Give the AI clear instructions and themes to start with
  • Provide relevant background information and links
  • Expect to tweak and polish the draft output
  • Use grammarly or other tools to catch errors
  • Review for plagiarism or repetitiveness
  • Avoid questionable content that could damage brand reputation

The future of AI content generation

AI writing tools are advancing rapidly. Soon marketers may routinely use AI for initial content ideation and drafting before passing copy to human editors for polish. This AI and human collaboration could become the new content marketing workflow.

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Other AI 


 Generators To Try


ChatGPT is a state-of-the-art AI language model developed by OpenAI. It's designed to generate human-like text based on the input it receives, making it an excellent tool for a wide range of applications. ChatGPT is a great tool for content generation, coach, engage in meaningful dialogues, or answer questions.

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Easy Peasy is an AI writing, image, and audio transcription generation tool. Paid subscriptions will get you access to the latest language models powered by GPT-4. They have prompt templates to make it easier to generate ideas. You can generate social media posts, expand on content writing, create avatar AI, and even create jokes. Great for the individual contributor marketer.

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Founded by veterans of OpenAI, Anthropic is pushing the boundaries of AI innovation. With a focus on developing general AI systems and language models, Anthropic is dedicated to fostering responsible AI use. Boasting an impressive total of $1.5 billion in funding, this revolutionary AI firm is set to transform the tech landscape.

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Cargoship is an open-source solution that lets you add advanced AI models to your software without any machine learning expertise. Our platform provides a wide range of models from image recognition to language processing. All models come with pre-training and are neatly packed in easy-to-use API containers. Stay at the forefront of innovation with Cargoship's continually updated and fine-tuned models.

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ASAPP offers an innovative suite of AI solutions to globally-leading companies, augmenting capabilities of contact centers. From automating responses to transcribing calls with impressive accuracy, we redefine customer service.

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InferKit empowers limitless AI-generated text creation through its web interface and developer API. Input text prompts and let InferKit continue writing with its advanced neural network. Generate creative stories, poetry, marketing copy, code, and more. Configure length and topic as needed. Build InferKit's capabilities into your own apps and games via the API.

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Jasper is an AI-powered writing assistant that delivers high-quality, on-brand content tailored to your unique tone of voice. In seconds, Jasper produces optimized blogs, compelling ads, engaging social posts, and more. Maintain consistent messaging wherever you write - whether it's your CMS, email, or social media. Jasper integrates seamlessly so your team always has an AI writing partner on hand. Increase efficiency and effectiveness to boost marketing results.

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Writesonic enables effortless high-converting content creation through advanced AI. In seconds, produce SEO-optimized blogs, engaging social posts, compelling ads, and more. Writesonic's AI writing assistant mimics your brand's tone and style for natural results. Tailored tools for writers, marketers, agencies, entrepreneurs and teams eliminate writer's block and simplify workflows. Say goodbye to the blank page and generate more traffic, leads, and sales with Writesonic.

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Copy enables effortless high-quality content creation through AI. In just seconds, produce optimized blog posts, compelling social media copy, engaging emails, and more. The advanced AI content generator delivers multiple variations optimized for conversion. Easily polish and edit using the built-in editor. eliminates writer's block and saves time for writers, marketers, and teams. Create 10x faster and say goodbye to the blank page.

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WhatsHuang Copilot

Gain access to ALL of my tools. I'm building a TON of AI templates to help you get new ideas and stay creative so you can stop sweating the details and focus on the bigger picture. Consider subscribing to WhatsHuang Copilot to support me.

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Designs is an integrated creative automation platform that uses AI to help you create professional logos, videos, graphics, mockups and more in just minutes. All the design tools you need in one place to work smarter, faster and easier.

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