How to Promote SEO Content in 2024 (Infographic)

Person writing in a journal

You’ve worked hard on creating the perfect article. You’ve spent hours researching the topic, including statistics, and have written a very insightful and comprehensive article by all your accounts. You hit the publish button thinking you’ll break the internet but days and weeks pass and it barely gets attention.

As SEO content marketers that happens all the time. Not everything you write will be bangers. These are 10 steps that I take to increase chances that your content has the best chance of success.

How to Promote SEO Content in 2024

1. Promotion Plan

Create a plan on where to promote your SEO content. Include where you’re promoting, when you’re promoting, and how you’re promoting it. Below are some ideas.

Where and how to promote

  1. Website - Popup, notification banner, menu navigation, homepage call out
  2. Social - Teaser, launch, and post launch posts on: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, X, Tikok
  3. Email - newsletter campaign
  4. Partnerships - Email, influencer network, 3rd party websites
  5. Ads - Google, Bing, Social, Ad networks, OTT, Sponsorships

When to promote

  1. Website - When the post goes live
  2. Social - 3 teaser post on each social channel, 1 launch post, 3 posts after launch
  3. Partnerships - when post goes live
  4. Ads - When post goes live

2. Teaser

Teasers are great because it primes your audience in anticipation of your content. It can also guide the direction of the content you’re creating. Based on feedback, you can use it to focus more attention topics your audience is more interested in.

3. Launch

The real work begins after the content is launched. Traffic does not magically come to your content unless you promote it. You’ll want to launch all initiatives you’ve outlined in step 1 of your content promotion plan all in a timely coordinated effort for maximum impact. Pick a time for everything to go live. Treat it like a rocket launch countdown.

4. Get Indexed

As part of your content promotion plan, make it a part of your standard operating procedure to submit your newly created content in search console. I take a proactive approach to send Google signals that a website has been updated so they prioritize a crawl. The potential risk of not doing this is Google never finds the content you created.

5. Outreach

How to articles and listicles gets the most engagement when it comes to articles. When creating these types of content, mentioning 3rd party resources can come naturally. Sometimes mentioning 3rd party resources may be a strategic advantage due to this step. By outreaching to resources featured or included in your content, you can do outreach by mentioning them that you did a feature on them. Sometimes they re-share your post, other times they reciprocate the favor with a backlink.

6. Social Media

Create once and promote it a hundred times. Usually SEO content conveys multiple takeaways. Especially if you’re content is a listicle. For social media promotion, you can create multiple posts to promote your one article. By slicing up snippets of your content, you can promote your content multiple times.

7. Analyze & Monitor

Here are the metrics you should pay attention to when analyzing your content promotion success.

  1. Traffic Metrics
  2. Page Views
  3. Unique Visitors
  4. Traffic Sources
  5. Engagement Metrics
  6. Time on Page
  7. Bounce Rate
  8. Scroll Depth
  9. Heatmaps
  10. SEO Performance
  11. Keyword Rankings
  12. Organic Search Traffic
  13. Social Metrics
  14. Number of likes, shares, re-shares, and comments
  15. Conversion Metrics
  16. Conversion Rate
  17. Number of Leads Generated
  18. Click Through Rate
  19. Revenue Metrics
  20. Revenue Per Visit
  21. Sales Generated

8. Campaign Recap

I like to do campaign recaps after you’ve completed everything you’ve set out to do in step 1 of your promotion plan. Did the results fail, exceed, or match your expectations? The results should determine whether or not you should continue publishing the type of content. If the results look positive, you should then proceed to the next step.

9. Spinoff Content

AI tools can help you recreate and repurpose text content for other mediums like video, audio, and images. I’m starting to see YouTube and TikTok videos in SERPs. As mentioned in my 10 SEO Tactics article, if you create an article and a video, you may have the opportunity to rank both in search.

10. Interlinking

I look at content through the lens of a SEO marketer. All content fits under spider web hierarchy of other content. The most important content sitting at the top with many supporting content interlinked to it. You can either do this manually or a tool like Link Whisper to help you identify internal linking opportunities.