IBM Watson Text to Speech

IBM Watson Text to Speech

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Key Features

  • Natural Voices - Human-sounding voices powered by deep learning.
  • 10+ Languages - Multilingual support for global users.
  • Customization - Adjust voice, pitch, speed and more.
  • Audio Format Options - Output as MP3, WAV, OGG and more.
  • SSML Support - Markup for pronunciation and emphasis.

IBM Watson Text to Speech enables fluid and engaging speech synthesis to power conversational user experiences. Using deep neural network models, Text to Speech can generate expressive and natural sounding voices from text input in over 10 languages. Easily integrate the API into apps and systems with customizable voices, speech markup, tuning controls, and audio format flexibility. IBM Watson makes it simple to add human-like speech to interact naturally with global users.

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IBM Watson Text to Speech


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