Google Cloud Text To Speech

Google Cloud Text To Speech

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Key Features

  • Humanlike Voices - Natural, expressive neural network voices.
  • 50+ Languages - Broad language support for global users.
  • Customizable - Adjust voice, pitch, speed, volume.
  • Easy Integration - REST & gRPC APIs for any app or device.
  • Audio Format Flexibility - Output as MP3, Linear16, OGG and more.

Google Cloud Text-to-Speech enables engaging, human-like speech synthesis to power conversational interfaces. Leveraging groundbreaking AI research, Text-to-Speech provides an API for generating high-fidelity voices that sound natural and available in over 50 languages. Easily integrate speech into apps, devices, and systems with customizable voices, pitch, speaking rate, and flexible audio formats. Create lifelike interactions to humanize customer engagements.

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Google Cloud Text To Speech


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