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  • Innovative AI Autocomplete: Accelerate your coding process with our AI-generated code suggestions.
  • Intelligent Search: No need to fight with complex regexes; our AI helps you find code and files in line with your intentions.
  • AI-Powered Chat: Codeium Chat assists in generating boilerplate, revamping code, adding documentation, explaining code, suggesting repairs, and much more.
  • Universal Compatibility: Navigate your coding world easier as Codeium integrates seamlessly with over 40+ editors and supports 70+ languages.

Codeium is your gateway to modern coding, driven by AI technology. With capabilities including rapid code autocomplete, hassle-free code search, and quality generative models, Codeium is the refreshingly quick and precise tool that understands your coding needs. It provides robust enhancements for developers looking to bring their work to the next stage.

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