Starting Price:
$19/month - 5 chatbots, 2000 message credits/month

Key Features

  • Self-Trained AI: Leveraging Advanced AI technology, Chatbase trains itself on your data, getting more apt and adept over time.
  • Versatile Integration: With our user-friendly API, add a dash of interactive intelligence to your WordPress or Zapier apps.
  • Language Proficiency: Break language barriers with our support for approximately 95 languages, answering questions from global audiences.
  • Customized Instructions: Control your chatbot’s personality and response style, making it unique to your brand.

Welcome to Chatbase - the revolutionary AI chatbot builder designed for customization and ease of use. Just upload your files or link your website, and witness as our AI seamlessly transforms it into a responsive chatbot. Experience the best of AI integration with Chatbase - where data meets design!

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