[To all that seek to get more traffic online through SEO]

Hi, My name is Howard. ūüĎč

I started my professional career in 2005. I had $0 and didn't know a single thing about SEO, but I had a dream of building an online business. So I decided to get to work and start a website of my own.

After grinding it out for the first year, no one knew about my site aside from my close friends and family. - until I learned SEO.


The Startup SEO Blueprint Course by Howard Huang

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After a ton of trials and tribulations, I grew my site to a peak of 500K visitors per month in organic traffic in year 4. That felt like forever and it did take forever!

Back then I did not have the wherewithal to find the knowledge I needed, the SEO discipline was as new as AI prompt engineers is today.

I've lived through the struggle of solitary startup founders and I know the pitfalls to avoid and the right solution to gain traction faster!

As a goal of mine for 2024, I'm packaging up 19 years of my professional experience, with proven tactics and methods that have produced results for me into the Startup SEO Blueprint. It will set your site up above from the rest.

Join the waitlist to find out more about what's in the course - and be first to know when it's live.

Howard Huang